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Getting started with BlissScale Blogity

The BlissScale Blogity app is a solution to help create great articles that can engage and convert more readers into customers.

We provide a number of customizable blocks that you can rearrange to provide rich article experiences.

Shopify app embed blocks

Shopify allows scripts to be added to your store using App Embed blocks. For your widgets to appear in your store you will need to enable the BlissScale WhatsApp and widgets App embed, you can do this by:

  1. Go to your Store theme editor
  2. Navigate to the App Embeds link in the left sidebar
  3. Enable the BlissScale WhatsApp and widgets App Embed
  4. See your widget displayed.

With App Embeds you can easily disable the code added by the Shopify app from your online store if you wish, also if you decide to delete the app, the App Embed will also remove any code added by the Shopify app.

For the BlissScale WhatsApp and widgets we only require this one block to be enabled for all of your widgets, we will add one script tag to your store provided by a global network to ensure high performance and to minimise impact to your customers.

You can read about App Embed blocks from the official Shopify documentation here.

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